4 Track Demo

by K-Rai

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From 88DC blog review:


This dude’s music puts warehouse grime under my fingernails. It’s that authentic. Now it’s review time!

K-Rai 4-track Demo -

1. ugnh
2. redline
3. vortex
4. gabhappy

This track starts with an oldskool breakbeat feel; wobbly bass, snares (or flares?) popping back and forth in the stereo field, discordant rave stabs through heavy reverb. Mr. K-Rai goes to work on time/pitch-shifting certain elements of the break, and changes up the programming through the first breakdown. Enter Rising High-style synth pads and more reverberated bizness, leading into some 4/4 percussion with gated pads – perfect for a sunrise session on the beach somewhere. K Rai introduces more rave synths, chops up the break some more and rolls out some sneaky amens! On it’s way out, the tune continues to evolve as K-Rai further deconstructs the breaks, building them back up into different animals completely. Rufff!

Starts out with a 303 bassline sequence, introducing some classic 4/4 warehouse acid techno. A nice shout to the original analog machines that helped create techno. This one’s a bit on the dark side and could maybe even pass for Industrial if the tempo were just a bit slower :8

Reminiscent of early Autechre, but with a heavy emphasis on breakbeat abstraction. This one might be my favorite of all the tracks. There’s some very moody atmsopherics swirling around for texture, with schizo little vocal stabs – definitely creates an atmosphere of vertigo (hence the title); the sound of tunnelvision. With the sick video game sequence with strange growling vocoder thing towards the end, breaking down for a final time to just the bleeps and atmospheric pads – this tune absolutely does it for me.

Think Squarepusher meets Boards of Canada. I love that this stuff is coming outta Baltimore. It’s great to see somebody’s making moves to put that lawless, pirate attitude back into the beats.


K-Rai started creating music with a computer in 1995 using digital audio sequencing software called a “tracker” in a DOS based environment. Much early material was produced and recorded. Soon thereafter K-rai co-creates a band project started out of High School called Negative Charge – An Industrial/Goth/Cyberpunk mayhem of noise and sonic experiements. More material produced and recorded with the first live outings happening through this. After years of this project a burgeoning need arose to do more solo work more akin to early roots in the rave scene. Soon (DJ) K-Rai gigs were happening on the regular with yet more new material – with over 90% of the music being self-produced with the rare occasion of just spinning favorite tunes. This lent itself very well to doing a more varied type of live performance, being incorporated into fashion shows, art gallery openings, open mics, live VJs, and the like.


released February 5, 2007



all rights reserved


K-Rai Baltimore, Maryland

Electronic music producer since 1995, had an industrial band for several years, went solo & started participating in laptop battles on the east coast. Finalist during the Mid Atlantic Laptop Battle, later went on to win Philly Laptop Battle #7. It was sometime between, in 2006, when I met Joe Clark and we formed the Live EDM duo The Megadrives. This page is here to showcase my solo work. ... more

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